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Our Vaccination Services for Pets in North Pole, AK

Along with your wellness exam we will tailor a vaccine protocol that fits your pet’s lifestyle. We administer core and non core vaccines (see below for more on core and non core vaccines) and may vaccinate your pet annually or every 3 years. The wellness exams help us determine which pet vaccines are best for your pet and how frequently we should administer them. We may also check for intestinal parasites during the wellness visit.

Under the FAQ page there are more specifics about the diseases that we vaccinate against to help keep your pet healthy.

What Vaccines Do My Pets Need?

Core Vaccines protect against diseases that are easily transmitted, serious, and potentially dangerous or a public health risk.

  • Dogs core vaccines: (DA2PP) distemper, adenovirus type2, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies.
  • Cats core vaccines: (FVRCP) panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies.

Non-Core vaccines are reserved for pets at specific risk for infection due to exposure or lifestyle. Please let the veterinarian know if your pet will be traveling outside of Alaska, in a puppy class or going to a grooming facility or boarding kennel.

  • Dog Vaccinations: Non-core vaccines: bordetella, leptospirosis
    • The bordetella vaccine helps protect against one of the strains of kennel cough. The first time it is administered it needs to be boostered once in 4 weeks and will provide immunity for one year. It can be given yearly or as needed depending on risk.
    • Leptospirosis is especially prevalent tin the continental United States. Although there are documented cases of it in Alaska’s wildlife population, it remains fairly uncommon in companion animals in Alaska. The leptospira vaccine is given twice initially 3-4 weeks apart then yearly as needed thereafter.
  • Cat Vaccinations: Non-Core vaccines: leukemia, FIV, FIP
    • FIV vaccines are not recommended. FIV vaccines produce an antibody that cross reacts with every commercial FIV test. A reliable commercial test is yet to be available that can distinguish between vaccinated and infected cats.
    • Studies have shown that the FIP vaccine does not provide immunity against the FIP virus. The FIP vaccine is reserved for cats in shelter/cattery situations.

It is legally required for all dogs, cats, and ferrets over 4mos of age to be vaccinated against rabies. Fairbanks Animal Control does offer rabies vaccinations.

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