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Ocular diseases such as conjunctivitis (red eye), keratoconjunctiva sicca (dry eye), corneal ulcers, glaucoma, cataracts and eyelid abnormalities are just a few of the eye problems that we see on a daily basis.

Our Eye Care Services for Pets in North Pole, AK

Some common tests that we may perform on your pet’s eyes are a tear production test, fluorescein stain to help detect ulcers and use of a tonopen to check eye pressures. We also perform ocular surgeries such as entropion correction, medial canthoplasty, cherry eye correction (third eyelid prolapse), and eyelid tumor removals.

CERF exams and cataract removal have to be done by a board certified ophthalmology specialist. We now have a specialist that comes to Fairbanks on a quarterly basis so we will refer you for the more advanced procedures.

Pet Eye Care Services Near Your

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