Online Pharmacy


North Pole Veterinary Hospital operates a robust in-house pharmacy. If your pet needs a medication refill please either call 907-488-2335 and dial extension 2 to leave a refill request for our pharmacy technician, or for an extra level of convenience, take advantage of our online pharmacy. Simply search your pet’s medication, select their usual dose, and order. VetSource will check with your pet’s doctor to make sure that everything is correct, and once approved the order will be shipped directly to your mailing address.

Certain medications come at a more affordable price point through online pharmacy platforms in contrast to in-house pharmacy services. Furthermore, auto-ship functionalities are provided for specific prescriptions, offering customers added convenience.
If you would like to fill your pet’s medication from an outside pharmacy, we are more than happy to accommodate. Your pet’s doctor will provide a physical written prescription to you, and you can take it to your pharmacy of choice to be filled. We provide physical written prescriptions instead of email or fax as this provides the most secure, reliable method of communication between your pet’s doctor and outside pharmacies.
If you have any questions about filling your pet’s prescription, our online pharmacy, or written prescriptions, please give us a call at (907) 488-2335.