dog with itchy skin


One of the 10 top reasons dogs and cats visit the veterinarian are skin and ear problems. In Alaska, we can have occasional ectoparasites (mange, lice) that cause itchy skin, but the majority of skin problems are due to allergies, either food or environmental (atopy).

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Common diagnostic steps for determining if your dog or cat has allergies are skin scrapings (scraping for parasites), skin cytologies (cytology to see if yeast or bacteria is present on the skin), food elimination trials, serum testing (blood testing) and intradermal skin testing (only performed at the veterinary specialist’s clinic in Anchorage – Different medications such as antibiotics, yeast medications, anti-histamines and immunomodulators (steroids and cyclosporine) can help keep your dog/cat comfortable. Allergies are frustrating and they are never cured but we can help you develop a treatment plan for your pet to make them more comfortable and decrease allergy symptoms.


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If your pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms above schedule your next cat or dog dermatology visit. We offer skin treatment services for pets, contact us today at (907) 488-2335 to make an appointment.