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Dental disease is the most common disease we see in companion animals. Dental disease can be visible on the crown of the tooth but most of the disease is under the gum line and not visible to you. Dental disease can cause bad breath, red gums (gingivitis) and changes in eating habits. Dental radiography is the only way to determine the extent of disease below the gum line, such as root abscesses, fractures and bone loss. We have a digital dental radiography unit that takes x-rays efficiently so we can determine the best oral hygiene treatment plan for your pet. Dental disease can be very debilitating and painful and can also contribute to diseases in other organ systems.

Our Pet Dental Care Services in North Pole, AK

Dental procedures consist of a visit with the veterinarian for an examination and oral hygiene assessment and treatment plan. Licensed veterinary technicians perform the pet dental cleaning by probing and charting the mouth and then cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher. They also take dental x-rays of the problem areas in the mouth. The veterinarian is responsible for assessing the radiographs and for the surgical extraction of the necessary teeth. We do not perform root canals or advanced dental procedures. If we feel that is the best interest to your pet we will refer you to a specialist in the area.

The veterinarians and technicians will also talk to you after the procedure about a continued preventative care home treatment plan for your pet.

Dental Care Services for Pets Near You

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