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Our Reproduction Services for Pets in North Pole, AK

Preparing for a litter of puppies can be rewarding and exciting. Reproductive services offered at NPVH include ovulation timing; with both in house and send out progesterone testing available, vaginal cytology, semen collection/analysis, and artificial insemination. Semen collection for fresh chilled shipment is available when shipping kits are provided by the owner. Semen freezing or storage is not available. Artificial insemination services include the use of fresh semen, fresh-chilled, or frozen. Vaginal and surgical implantation services are available.

If breeding or artificial insemination is new to you, Dr. Rouge is available to provide breeding consultations prior to the planned breeding. Call or email our hospital to schedule with Dr. Melissa Rouge.

NPVH advocates responsible breeding and any one of our 4 doctors are happy to meet with you for a breeding consultation to discuss responsible breeding. The consultation will include recommendations of care specific to your pet and and will also outline unexpected costs that can be associated if complications occur during labor.

OFA certifications of hips, elbows, patella and thyroid are available and recommended. Cardiac certifications with Alaska’s board certified cardiologist, Dr. Dawn Webber, can be scheduled at our hospital as well. PennHIP certifications will be available soon!

Pet Reproduction Services Near Your

We look forward to the opportunity to be a partner with you and your pet during this exciting time of adventure.

To consult with a veterinarian about our pet reproduction services, contact us today at (907) 488-2335 or Request an Appointment online.