K-Laser Therapy!

Affordable, non-invasive, scientifically proven effective!

Laser therapy can help with:
– Osteoarthritis                         – Post- Surgical Pain
– Joint Pain                               – Neck and Back Pain
– Tendinopathies                       – Hip Dysplasia
– Edema and Congestion         – Burns
– Ligament Sprains                   – Chronic Wounds
– Muscle Strains                        – Rehabilitation
– Puncture Wounds                  – Post-Orthopedic
– Post-Traumatic Injury           – Surgical Recovery

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished installing our new “Low Dose” radiography system.

Here in Alaska, we are early adopters of a new radiography system that allows lower levels of radiation to be used. This is safer for both our patients and technicians. You can check out more about this system from IDEXX, who is the first company to bring low dose technology to the veterinary field.

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Dr. Melissa Rouge is PennHip certified.

To learn more about PennHIP certification for your pets, click here to learn more and then contact us today!

Dr. Lovely was featured in the Newsminer’s Women in Business.

We are proud of her! Click here to see the article, she is on page 14.


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