Pet Desk and its Wonderful Uses

In this day and age we all love apps right? Most everyone has a smart phone, so why not utilize a wonderful tool for pet owners that not a lot of a people know about yet, but it is becoming more popular every day, Pet Desk!

Pet Desk is a free veterinary app/website that you can utilize for your pets veterinary needs such as scheduling appointments, getting reminders on when vaccines are due, and requesting prescription refills. Sounds pretty cool right? That’s not even the best part!

We all know it’s stressful to travel or take a vacation, especially when leaving our furry friends with a loved one, a trusted friend, or an animal kennel. Your friends aren’t likely going to ask you for your pets vaccine record, however a boarding kennel will. On top of all the other stressful things you have going on prior to vacation or travel the last thing you are going to remember is to swing by the vet and pick up a copy. Problem solved! You can send your pets current vaccine history directly from the Pet Desk app via email to your boarding facility!

So how do you get started with this awesome and convenient app? Go to your app store, search Pet Desk and download the app. Once you set up your account, start building your pets profiles (you can even upload a cute profile photo of them ) and after you select North Pole Veterinary Hospital as your primary veterinary clinic, your will notice your pets medical information uploading to the app ( it may take a few minutes, you may also need to close the app out for a few minutes and restart it ) once you click on the medical tab under your pets profile you should see your pets current or expired vaccines, wellness exam and other items populate, at the top right corner there is a little symbol that you click on and that is where you put the e-mail address for sending vaccine records.

Other great things you can use the Pet Desk app for are

  • communicating with our veterinary hospital through messages
  • scheduling appointments
  • requesting medication refills
  • confirming scheduled appointments

And the best part of all is that this app is used country wide by most veterinary hospitals, so if you happen to relocate or move, or even take an extended vacation with your pets, you can search for other veterinary hospitals in the area and contact them via the Pet Desk app.