August 2020 COVID-19 update

We have made no alterations to our procedures since the July update. We will continue to encourage curbside service, masks are required inside, and thank you for your patience and understanding. As the pandemic continues to affect our lives and we develop COVID fatigue please be kind to yourself. Be kinder than necessary to others. There is no aspect of life that is unaffected in this time and everyone is experiencing a struggle. North Pole Veterinary is still receiving an astounding number of appointments and surgery requests. We are booking 2 to 6 weeks out for regular appointments and routine surgeries. Please call with any questions or concerns. A huge thank you to all our pet parents who have rescheduled and been flexible and allowed us to work in patients with urgent needs. Go Team North Pole!

Update July 2020

COVID-19 Protocols Update:

Hello North Pole Veterinary Family,

As always a huge thank you to our families out there who have rolled with the unexpected events and adjusted to new normals and been understanding of our protocols as we navigate these uncharted waters.

We are continuing to limit our lobby capacity while allowing owners with masks to accompany their pet. In order to maintain our ability to remain open for full service we are asking everyone to abide by the following guidelines.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness or have recently been out of state please postpone your non-urgent veterinary visits. If you have a friend or family member who can accompany your pet so you can safely remain at home that would be best.

Masks are required inside for all clients
– Masks that cover the mouth and nose are required for all persons inside the building.
– If you have children under the age of 2 who cannot wear a mask, let us know when you call to check in and we will make sure you get directly into an exam room.
– If you have young children over the age of 2 who will not wear a mask please remain in your car and allow us to complete your pets exam inside.
– If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask please remain in your car and allow us to complete your pets exam inside.

Curbside Check-Ins for all appointments
– Please call our hospital 907-488-2335 when you arrive to let us know you are here with your pet. You will be asked your best contact number and the parking spot you are in.
– If you are here for a surgical appointment the surgical team member will call you and if there is an exam room available for the check in process you will be asked to come in with your pet. If no room available then your check in process will be completed over the phone or at your vehicle and the technician will escort your pet inside.
– If you are here for a regular appointment the room technician will come to your vehicle to escort you and your pet to the exam room and get your history in person if the room is ready to receive you. If there is not an available exam room the technician will take your history over the phone and then come to escort you as soon as the room is open.

Fully Curbside service still available
– If you would like to remain in your vehicle for the duration of your pets appointment let us know at check in that you would like full curbside service. We appreciate the level of trust you have in us to allow us to examine your pet without you present.

Food and medication pick up
– Call when you arrive and let us know you are here for a pick up. The front staff will take payment if that is still outstanding and will then deliver the products to you.

Limited Lobby Capacity
– If our lobby has more than 3 pets waiting you may be asked to return to your vehicle. This is for the safety of everyone as it allows us to maintain social distance. We appreciate your courteous compliance with instructions from our staff.

Booking Appointments
– We are experiencing a very high volume of patients these days. We are booking Wellness and routine visits out 7 to 14 days. Routine surgeries like spays and neuters are booking 5 to 6 weeks out. Please allow appropriate time if you are needing to schedule. We do reserve some appointments each day to allow for critical patients and unexpected emergencies and those appointments are filling every day. Thank you to everyone who has already encountered this and been gracious in rescheduling as we accommodate our critically ill friends.

AirVet Telemedicine
– Visit our website to download the AirVet app. This telemedicine app allows you to connect with one of our veterinarians if you are unable to come to the clinic. After downloading the app choose Dr Richards as your preferred veterinarian from North Pole. She is our primary AirVet doctor right now. Select the option for non-urgent call and submit a request. If you do not receive a response within 4 hours please call our hospital to make a different connection.

Please call 907-488-2335 with any questions or concerns you may have.