COVID-19 Thank you for understanding.

The entire staff at NPVH wants to thank ALL of our wonderful clients for being so understanding during this crazy time. We know that these new procedures can be frustrating at times, and it can be scary to let your pet visit the DVM without you. We appreciate your trust in our staff as we work together to make these veterinary visits as stress-free as possible while still following CDC and State of Alaska guidelines.

For anyone who has an upcoming appointment at our hospital, we are going to be continuing these protocols through May 31st, 2020. Here is an example of our appointment process.
As you arrive at our hospital parking lot, you will notice signs with numbers on them. We ask that all clients checking in for appointments park in front of a numbered spot, call our front desk at 907-488-2335 and let our CCR’s know that you are here and your spot number. It is very important that you provide the best contact number to the CCR as this is our only way of communicating between owners and staff.

After you have been checked in the CCR will bring your appointment to the technicians and let them know you are here. Shortly after a technician will be giving you a call at the telephone number you provided to ask check-in questions and acquire history about your pet for today’s appointment. Once all the history has been documented the technician is going to meet you at your parking spot with our own leash to bring your pet inside for the appointment.

We ask that you please remain on-site during the appointment to ensure the veterinarian can reach you for questions & concerns. The DVM will perform the physical exam and contact you to ask follow up questions and together decide the best plan for today’s visit. After the DVM has completed the workup on your pet, they will call you again to go over any lab results or diagnostics that are readily available and discuss if any medical progress exams will be necessary. The DVM will then either transfer you directly or ask you to call our front office desk to settle the bill for today prior to your pet being returned.

The technician then brings your pet, your invoice and any medications/food/etc. out to your vehicle. If you would be interested in participating via video during your pet’s exam please check out the AirVet info page on our website. This telemedicine platform is a new way for us to provide veterinary services to our clients. For appointment check-ins, the fee is waived by the DVM.

Thank you so much for your continued support and gracious understanding during this time.